The media manager should track the company, brand or specific person’s mention in the widest possible field: social networks, blogs, forums and websites. Here are some tips with examples that will help make social media monitoring simpler and at the same time more effective.

  1. Study the query language in your monitoring system

No matter how trite, the first step is to understand how your monitoring system works. For the compilation of search queries, there is a “language”. Most of the principles of querying are similar, so once you find out all the subtleties of working with one of the services, you will save yourself sometime in the future. For the proper options in media tracking you will be having the best option now.

For example, using the query “education marketing”, you can get mentions in which there are no more than a certain number of words between the words “education” and “marketing”. There are a lot of such rules, and all of them are described in detail in the manuals on the use of monitoring services.

Knowing the query language will allow you to find the most relevant queries. For example, you need to configure monitoring company mentions in comparison with competitors. To do this, you can create a search query, taking into account the syntax of the system, so that your company name appears in the text next to the name of your competitor.

For example, a novice Internet marketer decided to get additional knowledge of the profession and take a course. He studied all the offers on the market and wrote in his LJ post with a description of the pros and cons of each course.

  1. Compile a wide range of keywords

Do not be limited to one or more keywords – make the widest possible list of words that you will use in monitoring.

For the online education center “Netology” there will not be enough words like “netology”, “netology” and “netology”. It must always be taken into account that the user can mention the company by writing its name incorrectly – for example, “nethology” or “notolodzhi”. Include in the search the most possible variants of distortion of your name, so as not to miss an important message.

  1. Set up automatic reports distribution

It is difficult to imagine how often on the Internet there are messages in which the query of interest to you can be mentioned. But it is not difficult to guess that the faster you react to this review, the better the outcome of the situation can be.

Set up a regular distribution of reports with an overview of the references to the necessary words for a certain time. For example, I receive such a report from IQBuzz every day at 18:00. Practice shows that specifically for our company this regularity is enough. In your case, it may be worth setting up more frequent sending of reports. Most importantly – get them to the post office. It is much more convenient than going to the website of the system and analyzing the information there.

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